International Journal of Medical and Exercise Science (IJMAES) is enchanted to salutation of the reviewer’s into our editors board, and thank all our reviewer’s for their constant efforts in accomplishment of the Journal’s revelation.

Peer Review Policy

International Journal of Medical and Exercise Science do scholarly peer review process of subjecting an author’s work, research, or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field, before publish their paper.

IJMAES process for double blind peer review of the articles received from the authors. Revised article from the author do verify with reviewers report before publication of the article.

Reviewers need to read the manuscript completely to get an overall idea of the manuscript. Start the Review process section by section and not by line, be specific in giving your appraisal and always use non emotional language and be professional in reviewing the manuscripts.

To ensure manuscripts are of high quality please check whether the manuscripts are original, relevant, and quality of design, analysis and interpretation are maintained. Manuscript should provide new and original information which should be relevant and important for health profession, quality of the design and methods must be evaluated and findings of the investigations are to be analyzed.

Reviewers need to declare and sign in conflict of interest form and please read our ethics and malpractice statement before reviewing any manuscript.

Review Format