The manuscripts published in this journal become property of IJMAES, and should not be considered for publication in portion or as a whole in any form electronic or print.

International Journal of medical and exercise science reviews and considers a manuscript for exclusive publication that means manuscript or substantial portion of manuscript which has not  been published previously and is not under consideration for publication in any other journals in electronic form or in print. If the Editorial Board found the manuscript as simultaneous submission, it reserves the right to consult with the other journal to which the manuscript was submitted. Furthermore, the Editorial Board may return the manuscript without review or may reject it without regard to peer reviewer recommendations.



All manuscripts upon submission are pre-screened by the Editor in chief. Manuscripts that fulfill the criteria and qualified for full review are assigned to the editorial board member; the qualified manuscripts are then reviewed by at least 2 content experts for their comments. The Editorial board member goes through the manuscripts and reviewers comments and finally gives his/her comments and provides guidance to the authors regarding the changes suggested by the reviewers. The Editor rejects, accepts, request revision of manuscripts based on the revision.

Upon submission of manuscripts, initial decision is taken within 2 weeks and the review process may take maximum 6 weeks from the date of submission. Authors who want to know on the progress of their manuscript can contact the associate editor at editorijmaes@gmail.com

Once the review process is completed, authors will receive the edited version of their manuscript for final proofreading. This is the last opportunity to view an article before its publication in the journal web site. No changes or modifications can be introduced once it has been published.

Letter of acceptance is provided upon request by the author for free of cost. Certificate of publication is provided for authors upon request with an additional cost. For more details regarding the costs you can refer to subscription charges section.



IJMAES takes the right to reject manuscripts which discloses in part or as a whole prior to publication in any form either print or electronic, however the authors of accepted manuscripts are exempted to use their research work for presentation at scientific conference or professional forums prior to publication with the consent of editor/ editorial board member.

The authors whose research work is supported by government funding agencies/private funding agencies are required to acknowledge the funding sources supporting the work in their manuscript.



Authors are advised to sign in Conflict of interest form during the time of manuscript submission. IJMAES adopted International committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) initiative to standardize a format for disclosing a competing interest.



IJMAES Policy on authorship is based on guidelines given by the International committee of medical journal editors uniform requirements for manuscripts submission which states that authorship should be based on IJMAES.

1.Substantial contributions to the conception or design of the work; or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of      data for the work
2. Drafting the work or revising it critically for important intellectual content
3. Final approval of the version to be published
4. Agreement to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or       Integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved.



All research reports must have approval from the concerned ethical committee and the statement should be included in the author’s manuscript. Authors should provide the name of the institutional review board, or other similar body that approved the study.

The authors are required to submit patient consent form for photographs when required by the Publisher of IJMAES. The authors of case reports should submit a signed consent form of the patient and state it in their manuscript.

International Journal of Medical and Exercise Science(IJMAES) has a legal responsibility to ensure that its journals do not publish material that infringes copyright, or that includes libelous or defamatory content and strongly suggest the authors to follow the ethical principles for the protection of human subjects.



Publication of the same paper in the same journal or other journals is considered as duplication of publication and can be detected by our highly experienced board members who will advise the editor on plagiarism and considers rejection of the manuscript. Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement (Download PDF)



Authors need to submit the statement of fund to conduct the study. It can be backed by the department of health & human services, grants from the University, institution, organization, and other funding opportunities across multiple disciplines.



Letters commenting the papers published in IJMAES should send to the editor in chief soon after the publication of the paper referring. The editor in chief will review the letters and invite the authors to reply. The letters should be sent to editorijmaes@gmail.com



Manuscripts submitted can be

  1. Original articles
  2. Systematic reviews
  3. Meta Analysis
  4. Case reports
  5. Project/Thesis report

Original articles – Full length of original research or short reports of data from original research work are considered.

Systematic reviews – In-depth comprehensive reviews in health and related fields are considered.

Meta Analysis – In-depth comprehensive reviews in health related fields are considered.

Case reports – New clinical observations and novel Physiotherapy treatment will be considered for publication.

Project/Thesis report- Full length of research or case study reports with data from original research work would be considered.



IJMAES reporting guidelines are based on guidelines given by the EQUATOR Network and the NLM’s Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives.

CONSORT for original reports, STROBE for observational studies, PRISMA for systematic reviews and STARD for case reports.